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In 1997, architect Fernando Guevara González, with over forty years of experience in the construction industry, and industrial designer Fernando Guevara Rábago, started the company Grupo DesarrolladorFG2 offering services of construction and development.

Through the years, with the experience and learning lessons, Grupo Desarrollador FG2, offers by renowned

architects, achieving avant garde constructions of hight quality, contributing to the enrichment of the cities, offering inhabitants a series of spatial sensations of great comfort and Beauty.

Grupo Desarrollador FG2 extends its operations to the city of Querétaro and San Miguel De Allende, with high level residential and commercial projects and development of subdivisions for house  and lot sales , maintaining the same commitment of quality.

Our main goal es to maintain offer integral solutions complying all the regulations and current normatively.

delivering on time and with the quality agreed, keeping our clients secure and satisfied by acquiring not only a dwelling, but a lifestyle in a development that is distinguished for its high level architecture.

In some of our projects we have been combining works of the beginning 20th century in Mexico City considered as historical monuments and protected by the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, in which the original construction has been treated with respect while mixing departments and offices whose neutral facade does not compete with the beauty of the protected and restored construction.

In the development area, we are constantly at the lookout for new products and finishes that allow us to stay current and in the likes of our buyers.

Grupo Desarrollador FG2´s future is to continue on this road as our passion for construction has no boundaries. 







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it's not the beauty of a building you should look at, it´s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time

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